Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Reason For This Rhyme

I've finally made it back to post two days in a row, I'm sure your impressed. By now you should have baked the coconut cream cake and indulged in the entire pan. I know I would have if I hadn't enlisted the guys at work to help me out.

If you've been around here for awhile you should know I love just about anything vintage. Each piece has a story; where it came from, where it went and who it lived with. Pieces today aren't built with the same craftsmanship and quality. I appreciate the small details. The history and the ability to create your own style without having a cookie cutter look is what intrigues me. 

Are you a big of fan of turquoise and silver as I am? Then you will just as disappointed as I was when I realized there was no way in heck I would be getting these bracelets on my arm. You see back in day people used to be little bitty. Their waists were slimmer, the wrists thinner, more petite in general. 

I laugh when I think of how people would have considered me a giant, a freak of nature. I like that I have been given taller cards, it sets me apart from everyone else. So while I mourn never being able to wear these beauties, your small wrists are saying, come to momma!
Homegrown flowers. From my garden. Hydrangeas. They are the best. There's nothing better than walking outside and picking these beauties!

The past few months I have been looking for a good way to contain all of Jack's treats that was visually appealing. Thankfully one afternoon when I was thrifting I came across these clear glass canisters. They give off the general store feel and show off the different varieties of cookies!


Had a little surprise the other day when I was in the basement and spotted this large and in charge toad. I found him in one of our window wells and released him back into the wild. Doing my part to keep the toad community safe.

I've had the whole morning off and its been wonderful. I miss the days when I could have a leisure morning, drink my coffee and eat breakfast on the porch or watch a little of Hota and Kathy Lee. Cheers to a beautiful day and the possibilities of making someone smile!!

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