Monday, November 18, 2013


When I first arrived in Idaho I was shocked how basically no one has basements. Born and raised in Illinois I've never lived in a home without one. Living on a hill in the country I've seen the winds whip around, swirling, low dangling clouds, storms coming up out of nowhere. You better believe I high tailed it into the basement. I never lived in fear of a tornado, I just knew they existed and could happen in a moments notice. It's always better to be prepared and respect a storm. Living in Idaho, thankfully we don't have to worry about tornados. But yesterday really put things into perspective as my family and friends had to endure a very trying day of tornado alley.

A quiet morning in the west soon turned into a devastating one for the Midwest. November tornados are very rare and yesterday proved to be the mecca of them all with 80 tornados being spotted, hundreds now homeless, thousands without power, and 6 having lost their lives. This storm hit close to home as many of my friends and family were in the line of impact. My best friends grandparents weathered the storm from their crawl space. When they emerged, the place they once had called home was completely destroyed. Thankfully they came out unscathed, their home destroyed, their possessions pretty much contained in the wreckage. Yesterday I had no idea what was occurring back home until I got on social media. I quickly texted many friends to find out everyone was safe.

Trees that were planted years ago and we watched grow were uprooted from the ground. Homes and businesses that took years to build destroyed in a matter of minutes. Lives once simple and uncomplicated now depend on the help of others. The thing I do know is in time of need people pull together and help one another out.

A few years ago, we had a November tornado scare. A small twister touched down between my neighbors homes, demolishing their barns, throwing the wreckage around like confetti. Our community of neighbors came together. Helped finished harvest, took in homeless animals, cooked meals, helped cleaning up the debris. Thankfully no one was injured, including animals. I have faith from that disaster the citizens of Illinois will pull together and help each other out!

We can't take anything for granted, in a matter of minutes our lives as we know it can change! Be sure to tell the ones you love, " I LOVE YOU" because it could be your last.

Sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by yesterdays events.

**These are some random snapshots from around town last week**


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog- where in Idaho do you live? I went to school there! Beautiful pics.


    1. Thank you! I live in Boise! Absolutely love it here! Did you attend BSU?