Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Into the Looking Glass We Go

Hello friends. Now it might look as I have forgotten about this space but . Let me fill you in on what has been going on around here. For those of you who are new around here, in July I quit my job and packed my bags to move from Illinois, west to Idaho. In the process my plans took a bit of a detour as I injured my back and was unable to travel in car for a long period of time. As much of a pain as it was (pun intended), it allowed me more time to spend with my family and friends, and reassured me my decision to relocate was indeed the right one.

Fast tracking a bit, I applied for so many stinking jobs it wasn't even funny. Especially when you put in all the time and effort to personalize your application, only to receive a computer generated, no thank you. I landed a few interviews and a couple had promise. When it rains, it pours. It was really interesting because the process felt a bit like deja vu (enter choosing my college after Parkland).

A quick run down of my deja vu, I was looking at 3 different schools: one was exactly what I wanted, a new, fast paced city on the east coast, beautiful old campus, great teammates, solid business school; the second was located a mile from the beach in Florida and my aunt was a stone throw away, descent volleyball program and business school; and the third was an absolute NO, my dad had graduated from there and wanted nothing more for me to follow in his footsteps and be able to cheer me on at every game. They had a strong conference and business school. The kicker was the east coast school played me dirty and didn't offer me until last minute. Florida beach looked really great after flying home in a blizzard but the school reminded me of a prison. Dad's alum was small and no one thought I would go, especially my father and later on I learned my teammates.

So who did I choose?

I chose my instinctual last choice after many pro's and con's list only to find it really was the best choice and I couldn't have made a better decision. I was officially a Purple ACE.

Back to the present job hunt. I had two interviews lined up. After the 1st interview I knew I belonged there. End of story. No need to fly all the way from Boise to Philadelphia for an interview. My mind was already made up. Long story short, I completely changed my mind on what I thought I wanted. I took the second position. I was very fortunate to be job searching for a month and a half before I found a job. (I don't count my down time rehabbing). The position just started last week with a home study program. In the meantime I took on a position at a clothing retail store to pass the time and earn some cash.

So there is it. A recap on why I have been absent. The past two weeks have been nuts! Looking back it has been a bit of a blur! My store had its official grand opening which meant lots of long days getting the store into visual perfection! Last monday my home study started which was a complete 180 from the creative styling I had been doing to studying the anatomy of the heart.

Photos are from a few things that were keeping me inspired. I grew tired of using a book as a coaster and I realized I had these beautiful tiles I purchased from Habitat for Humanity that I wasn't using. I have them strewn everywhere around my place and I must say I really like them! I've also been doing a lot of journal writing just to have a place to keep my thoughts as well as have a place to document my feelings down the road in the future. It's a place where I jot down ideas, emotions, stories, whatever is on my mind. I really recommend it, as I have gone back and read some of my entries from a few months ago and it's really refreshing to see exactly what was on my mind.

The next month promises to be one full of new adventures, new people, lots of learning and hopefully a lot of fun! So glad to be back on the grind again! Can you believe Thanksgiving is upon us this week?

This is the first year I will be away from my family on Thanksgiving. Usually I am always together with my mom, dad, and grandmother with the exception of one year in college when I had conference tournament in Wichita Kansas. I plan on celebrating with my roommate, her fiancé, and his entire family. I will miss my own but I am excited to be sharing the holiday with a great group of people. I plan on eating my weights worth of Thanksgiving feast so I plan on being prepared with my expandable waisted pants and a long flowy tunic to conceal my thanksgiving food baby.So heres to starting new traditions with new friends!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

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