Friday, November 8, 2013

My Daily Beauty Essentials

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I wanted to share with you my daily beauty essentials because let's be real, as women we are obsessed with buying new beauty products. I know I have an entire bag of makeup I purchased on a whim that I thought I needed. So I figure why not share the products I love that have been my standbys.

Keeping your face hydrated is the key beautiful skin. I have found a good cream which really works wonders. It took me some time to find this one as I hate when your face feels as though you've lathered a pound of lotion on. I also have sensative skin and this cured all my redness problems.The First Aid Beauty Cream is light but has the perfect amount of moisture to keep my skin glowing.

I used to be a drugstore mascara kind of girl until I found this Smashbox one at Ulta. It was on special for $10 bucks so I randomly tossed it into my basket. Ever since then I don't use anything else. It has great coverage and doesn't shed by the end of the day!

In March I was in Chicago visiting my lovely volleyball besties for a birthday party when I ran into a friend of theirs at a cocktail table. She worked for L'occitane and honestly had some of the most beautiful porcelain skin I had ever seen. Of course, Nicole and I had to ask what her secret was, which cream did we need to buy, blah, blah, the whole ten yards. Her recommendation was always wash your face at night and be sure to hydrate the skin. Her secret weapon, a Clarisonic. I had heard about them before but hadn't really given them much thought. (They are a little pricey) I let Nicole purchase her's first, so she could give it a whirl before I invested in my own. She raved about how great it worked and how her face felt so much cleaner. I pondered about another month and when I went into grab a mascara I ran into my trusted makeup advisor. Of course I had to ask his opinion and the rest is history. I love this thing. I only use it about once or twice a week but I can see great improvement in my complexion and my face feels much cleaner! I am still waiting for that porcelein skin....

Love the lightness of this Marc Jacobs spray. Randomly picked this up at TJ Max, unfortunately the scent is no longer current! What will I do when I run out???

I really didn't have a good regimen for every day face makeup until I started using a BB cream (beauty balm for all of you newbies). I would describe it as a cross between a cream and a foundation. It is very light and fresh feeling with a bit of coverage. It never feels greasy. I wear this everyday and apply with a brush.

Chanel Chance. My old standby. This is my go-to. Love this scent. I even got my mother stuck on it!

Usually when I head into Sephora for one thing I walk out with 2 or 3. I've tried numerous shadow primers but never really loved any of them so I gave up. I started applying my eye shadow on my lid naked. For a while I had a spurt where I didn't wear eye shadow at all unless it was a special occasion. I wore my BB cream, blush, eye liner, and mascara. By the end of the day I always had an eyeliner line in my crease where it had bled. Super frustrating, until I was recommended this shadow insurance. Problem solved and you don't even realize your wearing it.

Naked. This palette is awesome! Last year I stopped wearing shadow with shimmer in it almost all together. I experimented with a couple of other matte palettes but nothing came close to this one. The matte finish is beautiful and subtle. I can make my shadow dramatic or neutral. Can be used for everyday or as a showstopper on the weekends!

Update:: During a trip to Chicago when I was in high school I came across Nars blush, it is the only blush I have ever used. It's a peachy matte that could easily work for so many different skin tones.

I used to use Nars dark brown eye liner until I didn't want to pay $22 a pencil. I tested out many different ones and stumbled upon Sephora brand eye liner. Their hues have dark pigment and stay in place and have a great price tag, $9. I use dark espresso and egg plant!

So there you have it! My beauty essentials! I like to keep it simple but look polished and put together!


  1. defiantly agree with number 3! I don't know what i'd do without my Clarisonic!

  2. No kidding!!! Long gone are the days of a washcloth!

  3. I think I may take the plunge and get the naked pallet for Christmas. It's good for a makeup beginner?? I've heard fabulous reviews about it and I think it's time to experiment :)

    1. It is super simple, it just takes a little practice to perfect exactly how you want it to look. I'd invest in a good eye shadow brush, it makes all the difference in the world. I may just have to make a tutorial!! I say go for it girl!

  4. i really want to try the marc jacobs perfume

    1. You really should! It's light and airy! Keep your eye out for it at Tj Max!