Tuesday, December 10, 2013

::A Break::

My apologies for being off the radar the last few weeks.  I took a job in the middle of October but the official start date was the middle of November and ever since then I feel as though my life has been a whirlwind. From home study and testing, to Thanksgiving travel, packing for a month away from home, Christmas shopping, and then traveling to Atlanta for work I am exhausted.

Last week really was the mecca of all chaos as I thought my brain would never recover from the long days of cramming new information. Arriving to training on limited sleep was not ideal, throw in a time change and non existent sleep schedule which resulted in 16 hours of sleep over 5 days.  Friday I honestly thought the best option would be to slice my head off and search for a new one.

After a weekend of relaxation, retail therapy, sushi and bonding with my new coworkers, the thick fog has finally lifted, all tests have been taken, and now my brain is back on straight. Information overload has been absorbed and processed. Today I felt like a brand new person and that I may actually know what I am talking about.

On that note posts will be very limited the next couple of weeks as I am extremely busy with work. Don't worry I will be back very soon! I am starting to get excited to be back in Illinois with my friends and family. I'm missing all my furballs, my hope is Jack James still remembers who I am after four months. My Idaho crew has been behaving but I sure do miss my three sidekicks. Hopefully everyone is getting close to being ready for Christmas.  Christmas eve is only two weeks away!  If you were asking I'll take a pair of these cheetah pumps in a size 12! Happy Tuesday my friends!

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