Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's Play A Game

Can you guess the purpose of this eye sore? I mean piece of art? This contraption has been a recurring topic for all of us over the last few weeks. Originally when I visited Idaho there was an addition of a second stove pipe where this red contraption is mounted. Funny thing is that stove pipe stirred up a lot of controversy since it really wasn't the most pleasant thing to view when sitting on your back patio with a delicious beverage in hand. To our surprise a few months later, this beauty showed up.

So I am taking guesses as to what this thing really is? Please take a wild guess. Believe me. We have taken many.

For now we admire its awkward beauty and wonder, how the heck can we get this thing to go away without having a neighbor war. Or purchase a really big tree/bush. The later will be the approach we take unless anyone has any wonderful ideas!

Take a guess!
What do you think it is?
The more ridiculous the answer, the better.

I was pleasantly surprised.

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