Monday, October 7, 2013

Who Would Have Thought I'd Ever Live in a Squirrel Den:: The Before's

I wrote a long post this morning, thought I saved it and went to lunch. When I returned my post had completely disappeared, lovely. I've been off the grid the last week or so, a lot has been going on around here. I was in the mountains a couple weekends ago visiting with my roommates family, then the following weekend they came to visit us. Between the road trips, house guests (6 people, 6 dogs in total), there have been interviews, roommates who have moved out, Molly got spayed, and I started a design project on my new room. Life is good, I am really enjoying my time here in Idaho.

The past month I have been holed up in the guest room, in holding waiting for my room to be empty. Tuesday the day finally came and I quickly jumped on making leeway in my new home. The space looked worn and needed a bit of a facelift. I decided I wanted to go with darker grey walls, leave the ceiling white. Have you ever painted a room by yourself? It is a little more difficult than I thought. My new room is fairly large, 24x12 so painting the ceiling was an experience in itself. Once I got into a groove it wasn't too bad. Add in Carl Carlton blaring over Pandora and a beer in hand I made quick progress. I worked well into the morning, finished the entire room, desk, and dresser. When I woke in the morning to check my handy work I was a little disapointed the coverage wasn't as good as I remembered. Fresh eyes and some sunlight make all the difference.  My hope is to be completely moved in by midweek. I'm really excited to get into my new space, its what I would call a mother-in-law suite. It sits on the back of the house, has its own small kitchenette, a walk in closet, and a bathroom.

I couldn't have been more welcoming to that closet. The past month I feel as though I have been living out of my suitcase. I had boxes stacked in the office with a majority of my clothes and it always seemed I needed what was in those boxes rather than what I actually had in my closet. I learned the hard way before an interview. Nice work appropriate clothing does not like being folded in a box for a long period of time. I often feel my life is very on point with my closet. If it is organized and clean so is my life. If it messy and unorganized it reflects my life is hectic and chaotic. So thankful everything is organized and I have enough space to see what is actually in there!

Follow me on my design journey. Here is the canvas I started with last Tuesday. My apologizes for bad photos and boxes shrewn everywhere. Meet your tour guide Brewster:
This room had been lived in by a boy who really didn't care much as to what the place looked like. As long as there was a bed, tv and couch he was set. I, on the other want to make it a relaxing oasis. I wanted the room to feel cozy and put together. I settled on Martha Stewart's "Grey Squirrel" and because of it now refer to my room as "the squirrel den." (Sorry for the quality this one was taken on my cell phone)

I finished the paint all in one evening. I have been working on many small projects in the mean time. I've painted a desk, a dresser, some frames, and my current project is reframing some beautiful equestrian hunting etchings I found over the weekend. They are absolutely stunning and I couldn't pass them up. Such a great score! Since finding them I have had to re-edit my plans for the walls but they will fit in just perfectly. One next to the bed and the other to be determined. If it tells you anything about my plans before, I had a hand stitched tiger ready to go up on the wall in its place. 

What do you think?

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