Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This & That

Spring has been on my mind for sometime now. We are so close to shaking this winter weather but mother nature has decided she isn't just quite ready for a permanent change. One minute we are in shorts and the next bundled in our coats and scarves. Fingers are crossed we have crossed into the final stretch. I have the urge to sit down and write a post quite often but when I actually get there I struggle, the ideas vanish from my head and I am caught blankly staring at the screen. 

It's ironic 42 days ago I pledged to live a healthier lifestyle, give up my weakness of sweets for Lent. Exactly the opposite occurred. I stopped running and working out, I crammed my face with whatever food I could find. I honestly might have consumed the most crap in my entire life during that time span. The cause: exhaustion and stress. Usually my release is go-go-go, eat clean and workout/run until my body can no longer keep up with the plans I have for it. I put myself through a very rigorous schedule. This time, it was completely different. I stopped working out completely, I was so mentally and physically exhausted I would come home from work and collapse. I'd be in bed before 9 or fall asleep as soon as I laid on the couch to relax. It'd break my heart to not participate in a full out sweat session at the gym or go on a run with my running mates and catch up. My body and mind couldn't do it. It was telling me enough was enough.
Yesterday I recommitted myself to never sacrificing my happiness and health. No matter how much I don't want to hit the pavement or pump iron at the gym, I need to. It is what makes me happy and time after time, I know this. It is my foundation. Along with that commitment I want to take more time to blog and share the little things in life I enjoy.


Don't these shoes just make you happy?
Maybe they will make me run faster too!

Jack James has grown up into such a handsome man. It seems so long ago he was just a small innocent pup with a big personality. He's not small anymore but his personality keeps blossoming, he's come along way but still has so much to learn. His favorite game is catch me if you can. He has a knack for picking up strange objects and running around the house until he's been caught or his preferred method is to swallow it whole. Its brings an interesting morning wake up call. Thankfully we have never had a serious problem and I hope to keep it that way.

Yesterday he got a haircut for the first time in over two months. He was very overdue but we were waiting until his groomers health was back in order. His last haircut was done by someone else and wasn't nearly as good, so until she was healed we'd been holding out. He looked like a large black, curly sheep and he was so snuggly. I can never take him seriously when his hair is that long because I can't see his eyeballs. Last night he pranced the whole evening, running around the house so proud of his new haircut. At times I wonder, if he feels uncomfortable all dolled up. I'm sure its a refreshing feeling to shed some fur and be pampered. We'll see how long his blow dried top knot lasts. Usually it's not very long before he's out in the creek or muddy from playing in the yard.



Recently I've become quite obsessed with this lamp. It's made of Himalayan salt stone. A few years back when I had an internship, my boss had one in her office and I admired it. She was very artistic, keen business woman and had a holistic way of life. She swore the warm tone of the salt stone sent out calming vibes and had healing powers. While I'm not completely sure I'm sold on it's healing powers, it does have it's calming qualities and is absolutely beautiful when lit.



I've tried picking up my camera again and have been making slow process. Easter Day I had planned a shoot with the family but was having issues with my camera not auto focusing correctly. Once I figured out the problem it was already too late and no one was in the mood for photos. I have a stack of books on my night stand waiting for me. Some of them have been there so long I almost can't remember why I was intrigued by them or where I left off. I tend to start a book and I some how get sidetracked so I put it down, hoping I will get engrossed in it the next free moment. 

That's all for now!

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