Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mint + Orange

Oh what a week! I started on-boarding for my new job, had a little time to myself with Jack and was able to take in the outdoors! I wore my hippie sandals for the first time this season. They aren't very stylish but they very comfy! Just something easy to throw on when I'm futsing around outdoors.

Jack had a HUGE milestone this week! He's passed three different dog training classes and is a certified good citizen. (Seriously I don't know how he passed, the doggie gods were among us!) Even though he is certified it doesn't actually mean he is in control. Most of the time he has a dual personality, either sweet  and friendly or just down right ugly, I want to rip your hand off mentality.

So I guess what I am leading up to, Jack and I went on our FIRST bike ride together!!! And it was AMAZING!!! He was perfect! I rode an old bike my dad had restored years ago with a basket that I knew would be easy to hop off in case of emergency. I didn't want to risk crashing my good bike. I'm not sure if he was so good because he was half scared of the bike or because he just knew what to do! Whatever the reason I am so proud! I peddled my bike and he trotted along side me, no problems. Honestly it looked like we had done this a million times! I hope this wasn't a one time fluke, I'm trying to get my mom to take him out this way, so he will get faster paced exercise and more distance. Fingers are crossed for her safe travels!



I know I've already shared a few photos of the peonies but I couldn't resist! They are my favorite! These are a slightly different variety and I tend to like these better. I have no idea what they are called!



Peas and Q's By Nicole.

Yesterday in my outfit post I forgot to mention my nail polish! I have been on a nail polish hiatus for the past month. No specific reason, I just got tired of painting and repainting. Sometimes I think your nails just need time to breath and be natural. I have seen a slight difference in their health! I've had this color for a while now. It's Peas and Q's by Nicole. I always have problems with chips and have wanted to try laquer but the price tag keeps me away. I painted these Sunday night before bed. I've been pretty hard on them and today was the first day I noticed a chip! I guess that's what I get for working out!


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! You are so special! Be sure to pamper your mom and be thankful for all she has done! I know I sure am! In the mean time I am off to a wedding of a good friend I played volleyball with! I can't wait to see some of my teammates! I swear this is the summer of weddings! Have a good one!


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