Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Like Mustard on My Cheetah

If you've ever taken an art class your teacher would have kept drilling about how important composition and proportion are to good design. I have taken many art classes and I couldn't be more displeased with how these came out. There are a couple of reasons for my displeasure:

1. I am adjusting to a new fixed lens
2. Things are so much easier when you are behind the lens rather than a tripod and remote.
3. My feet, they've been cut off! Such an awkward crop. (plus the shoes were so darn cute!)

So there you have it, here are the best of the worst photos ever. Next time I promise to include the shoes in my outfit post. They were really wonderful.

Still working out the kinks on this whole remote/tripod taking picture thing. It's much different. Maybe I need to enlist someone to take them for me!

**NOTE**: Yes I know, I could have cropped these via editing. I did and for some reason or another they didn't save and I was in a time crunch.



Top: H&M (old). Cardigan: J.Crew (old). Skirt: LOFT (old). Bag: Coach (old). Bracelets: Banana Republic and Estate. Rings: Handmade, Estate.

I kind of surprised myself with this skirt. I've always had a love for cheetah, it's the newest neutral BUT I've never liked pink. When I saw this skirt I thought it would be either be hit or miss! Well it's a hit, and I really like it! There are so many options to wear this with and initially this might not have been my first choice. The mixture of texture and color work! I'll have to do a rework next time I wear it!!

I really want to pair it with a printed top. We shall see what I come up with!

Hopefully next time I will be footed!

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  1. You are so cute Rachel... absolutely love that mustard sweater! :)