Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful Sunday!
Today would have been perfect for a long bike ride.
Maybe tomorrow.

Can you believe it is Easter already?
I sure can't.
Where has the time gone?

For the moment you will have to settle for a camera phone dump. I recently have become obsessed with the blog Pioneer Woman, she has a cooking show on the Food Network. She is a city girl turned cowgirl. AND I love it! I bought her cookbook and love story, she takes amazing photos.

All her food looks so delicious, it would make me fat.

The days of Jack letting me take a photo with him are limited. Apparently he doesn't want to share a frame with me.
His facial expression is priceless. Look at that tongue!
Get me out of here!!

This nest is perfect.
Three blue robins eggs.
Momma did well.

Have a Happy Easter!!

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