Monday, April 23, 2012

Carly + James: April 14. 2012

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of a dear friend. Carly and I met during college when we were teammates playing volleyball. We've been friends ever since and I've never had so many laughs. On my way up north I picked up couple of teammates and partners in crime. We had a wonderful weekend spending time with Carly, her family, and meeting her new hubby.

Our volleyball coach from Parkland made a surprise appearance. He was unable to make it to the wedding but wanted to make a grand gesture by surprising her Friday night. Cobras in the House!!!

There was a lot of reminiscing & a lot of:
clap, clap, siss.... clap, clap sisss.... clap, clap, sisss...

Saturday morning we headed over to see the bride preparing for her big day.
I couldn't wait for the big reveal!
She couldn't have picked a more perfect dress.......

Simple. Classic. Elegant.

Love the soft, romantic color palette she chose for her bridesmaids. All were slightly different in color and style, which suited the different personalities of the maids. 

For some reason or another walking down the isle with Daddy always gets me. The anticipation of seeing the bride for the first time in her dress is always a site, but next time your at a wedding, check out the groom. Being able to see his face light up when the woman of his dreams appears is touching.


These cakes were divine.
So beautifully decorated.
They tasted amazing too.
Yes I said they.
I had more than one slice.
White cake with lemon filling. YUM.
Chocolate  cake with cream cheese icing.

I'll take one of each please!
If I could have, I would have tried them all.


Couldn't have asked for better dates!

Carly, you were such a timeless, beautiful bride! Thank you for allowing me to witness your big day! I still can't believe you are a Wike! Congratulations James and Carly. I wish you a lifetime full of memories and happiness!

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