Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strawberry Delight

Yesterday I promised photos with a real camera and look what I have, real photos! Not necessarily exciting material but this will  have to do! Last night I was washing dishes when the neighbors dropped this flat of berries off at the house. One of the neighbor boys was selling them to raise money for FFA.

I have a confession, strawberries are one of my weaknesses.

My love for strawberries goes back to my childhood, when my mother would buy flats like this during the summer.

They would be gone within a couple of days.

I could eat them all day.

Never once did I get sick.

I love them fresh but would really like another option of fixing them. Any suggestions? Any health conscious ones?

I tried some new noodles last night. My mom bought me these heart shaped noodles for valentines. Last night seemed like a good night to bust into them. My recipe was really simple. Cook the broccoli in the same pan as the pasta simultaneously. Once they have been drained, I combined some olive oil, lots of fresh pressed garlic, and fresh pepper to my noodles and broccoli.

So delicious.

I had it again for lunch today. Just as good!

My new issue of Country Living came in the mail!

I can barely keep my eyes open! Adios!

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