Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shutter Me This

Sometimes its the little things in life that make your day. Right now as I  write this post, my dog is asleep at my feet after a long run, the windows are wide open and I'm jamming to the Whitney Houston station on Pandora. 

The sunshine yesterday and today has amazed me. 


Yesterday morning on my way to work my car with 230,000+ miles overheated. Normally I think I would have been a little irritated about the inconvience but the weather was just too beautiful! There I sat on my phone catching up with a friend as my Dad came to my rescue. 

Last evening Jack and I had dog training for his good citizenship test. Jack has truly improved so much since we started going and each day he amazes me. The beginning of class was very successful until it was time to do a walking pattern, when he started jumping and biting his lease. We have two more weeks to pass so we will be practicing up a storm! Wish us luck!

Yesterday I was out and had a chance to get some shots! These pieces intrigued me!

Barns don't last like they used to! This one has been leaning for years!

One of these days I might get some photos of people on the blog.

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