Monday, March 12, 2012

Blue Skies Shining On Me, Nothing But Blue Skies Do I see

This past week has been a whirlwind, busy with so many different things! I actually didn't take my camera out once. I must admit it did feel like a sin, especially since we have had such beautiful weather, the only excuse I have is laziness. So tonight you will have to settle with a phone photo dump. Lucky for you, I have some "real" photos for you tomorrow! My not so little boy co-piloted this week. Off and on I'll let him ride shotgun or in the backseat instead of being crated in back. He was the sweetest and LOVED it!

I've started drinking coffee on a regular basis. I don't know what to think of it.

Seriously, the stuff is good.

I haven't become addicted...yet.

Maybe the whole appeal is having a great mug.

I can't get enough of strawberries.

I've been eating them raw, on salads (they aren't rotten, its just balsamic vinegar), and my current favorite, on ice cream. There's something refreshing about a juicy strawberry, maybe it just reminds me of summer.

Sunday the weather turned into a beautiful spring day, many of the farmers started discing the fields. I spent the majority of my day with my mom outside in the hayfields, burning. Every spring along with many other hay farmers (this just made me laugh, we are far from farmers, this is the extent of our hay duties) we burn the fields to rejuvenate and tidy them.

I've got my tools, ready to roll, lets burn!

We've had an epidemic of beavers. 

They have chopped down so many trees.

I couldn't count them on all my fingers and toes.

Beaver Land. It's what I call the areas taken over by beaver.

Did I mention beavers are huge? I had no idea they could be so big. I had a run in with one during the fall. Imagine my surprise when one sauntered right in front of my car  and tore down a few stalks of corn. I had always assumed they were oh, maybe 20-25 lbs. Well that was joke. They can grow to be the size of a large dog. This guy had to have been 50-60 lbs! 

It took us about 4 hours to burn about 10 acres. There was just enough wind to hurry the fire along. Within a couple of days the black fields will transform into a field of lush green. Birds, animals, trees, and plants are just as confused by this weather. I hope we are not tricked into thinking winter is in our past and get hit with a cold spell or worse a blizzard.

I couldn't have enjoyed my Sunday more.

Blue skies.

The smell of a bonfire.

Sunshine on my back.

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