Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stripe Obsessed

Jacket: Loft (Fall 2010). Dress: Banana Republic (something similar here). Boots: J. Crew (old). Watch: Timex Weekender (Target).

Hello, hello! February is finally here! January seems to have lingered for so long and typically the weather is really crummy. Thank goodness we started off  February on the right foot, 55 degree weather! This time last year we were getting hit with cold weather and piles of snow.

So here is it, my first outfit post. Nothing fantasy, I guess you could call this a test run. Hopefully over time they will only get better. How could I not resist today? The weather was so perfect it was begging for me to take some photos. While I was outside taking some photos I should have been out cruising on my bike. I've been such a gym rat lately, it would have been refreshing to hit the pavement.

Oh and yesterday I did indeed get my first run of the year in. I was shocked how smoothly it went. For this race, the distance is much shorter so I want to take my time training. Start out with a couple miles or so twice and week, work on my times and then increase my distance. When I trained for the half marathon last spring we dove right in, starting with 4 miles. I can tell this time around I am physically stronger and it will be a better training experience because I am taking a more laid back approach and I know what to expect. Last year I had no clue what I was getting myself into and wasn't extremely fond of running. After the race I ran a few different times but other than that I quit cold turkey. I am back for more and am really excited to be running in a relay and having the chance to work together as a team! Will you be participating in any of the Illinois Marathon events? Or any running events this year?


  1. We did have a great first run - any chance you'll be able to make it in tomorrow for round 2?? It will be a great race for sure. I think the whole point is to ENJOY yourselves and being able to do this as a team is going to be so inspirational for all of us. 4 people ranging from 24 to 64 years old? BEST TEAM EVER. :)

  2. Yes I will be there!! We are the DREAM TEAM! Age is just a number and nothing more! Race Day will be here before we know it!!