Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tan & Orange: Tan-gorine

Seems the weather is confused about what season it is, which is making it hard for me to not have spring fashion fashion fever. My wires are crossed because the past few days I have been dressing completely wrong. I wake up thinking it will be frigid outside, packing on the layers, wrapping  myself in a scarf and tossing on a hat to only find out it is 45-55 degrees outside! I've even started wearing brighter colors. Once the weather truly realizes its missed its mark and returns to normal February weather no one will be ready for it. They will have packed away all their big, comfy sweaters and winter boots and brought out their colorful spring favorites.

Spring will be a refreshing change for me, every time I look into my closet I see camel, black, brown, and grey. And STRIPES. They are everywhere. Thankfully they are timeless and in all different variations. Tangerine has been my go to color going into spring. I picked up the cutest tan & tangerine scarf from Target, its a cheap way to add some color into my closet. Last season I purchased this tan/ tangerine printed top and only wore it once. I was actually shocked I picked it out not my typical purchase but I think it will work nicely for Spring.

As with my boredom of  winter clothing, I am over winter comfort foods. Every once in a while I can handle a creamy soup or what not but I am more of a fresh person. I would much rather eat a salad of some sort.

Took these bad boys out for their first treadmill run on Tuesday, I couldn't have been more pleased with them. I'll still have to do a comparison with my normal running tennies to see which I prefer. I have a feeling they will be fine for the treadmill but will take some getting used on the pavement. This photo makes me laugh, my feet look so small (which they definitely aren't), maybe its because are just so far away!

Normally I am not a big cereal girl but a friend of mine got me started on coconut milk and almond milk. Wow so delicious in the morning with fresh or frozen fruit. A nice change up from eating eggs or protein shakes all the time. I do love a good chocolate shake with peanut butter and banana.

This isn't the greatest quality photo by any means but I had to share. Jack has started sitting like this and looks like such a dork. It's even better in person, but its honestly hilarious! I've never seen a dog sit like this!

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