Sunday, February 26, 2012

Round Up the Circus

I can't remember the last time I saw the sun rise, it is one of the beauties of this world that is so easy to miss. This morning I was up bright and early to head on over to Bloomington with some friends for a little flea marketing. Even though the market was inside we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Sunday. 

A rare moment in this house. I swear Jack has grown up overnight. Literally it's like one morning he woke up and something was different. He looks more and more like a little grown man everyday. 

At the flea market there were lots of goodies I really liked but either didn't need or couldn't afford. I really wish I could have brought home the painting of the native american chief and put him in a different frame. Luckily I was able to find some margins and pieces I "needed". 

I really wish I would have thought of taking a picture of the man I bought this R from. He was an older bearded man wearing shorts with a worn top hat. The hat had pheasant feathers and gave the appearance of a circus ringleader. He had some of the most beautiful handcrafted wooden and steel coffee tables and bookshelves. One of these days I might have to invest in a piece.

I found these and a few others and I hope to take them apart and make my own jewelry. I'll have to keep you updated!

I couldn't have been more excited for this set of celluloid silverware. My aunt has an assortment of it and i have admired it for a long time. I am crazy over this green color.
I'll leave you with this photo. For some reason that lip never stays shut! Have a good Sunday!

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