Monday, February 27, 2012

Bloom Away

This came in the mail today, it sort of made my heart skip a beat. I love what they have going on right now, colorful classics. I want this skirt. Really bad. I'll take that male model too. Someone please teleport me to Uruguay, the scenery is beautiful.

Doesn't this flower just make you smile? This was another one of my finds this weekend. When I found them I had no idea what their original purpose was, I had planned on using them as pushpins on my bulletin board. While I was in another booth, I saw some that were similar but heavy iron. I asked the couple who owned the booth what they were and I would have never guessed they were decorative curtain tie-back pins. Long ago when people used to pull their curtains back they would take a cord and tie them up, take one of these flowers and pin the cord into the wall. You learn something new every day!
I want to check another continent off my check list.

We've had this little orchid for over two years. This is the fourth time it has bloomed. The last time it bloomed was right after the New Year in 2011. No joke the blooms lasted for 5 months and there were tons of them! I have never seem such a thing, they were so beautiful! Pink normally isn't my favorite but the beauty of this orchid is unmatched. We have a couple others about to pop and I couldn't be more excited!

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