Monday, January 16, 2012


How can it already be the 16th of January? Christmas was just here! January is one of the hardest months to get through. By now winter has normally set in, resolutions have been broken, and everyone is just trying to get back to their normal routine. This weekend looks like a good time to start a few projects. I'll report back later with what I've come up with. It's sad to say but we still have our Christmas tree up, its just so beautiful. It might have something to do with it being half its normal size. Normal in this house is 20+ feet, this year ours is about 10 1/2. This weekend looks like the perfect opportunity to take him down. Happy Monday!


  1. You take the best pictures, Rachel! Don't worry about the tree - you guys got it up late and it so beautiful, you got a good couple of days left on that thing. :)

  2. Thanks Ashley! That's what I keep telling myself, I just know it will be a mess to clean up now, since the needles are dried!