Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey Ya'll

Ohio Riverfront in Newburgh
Sorry for the lack of posts this week, Tuesday I drove down to Evansville to visit some friends. I had a great time reminiscing with my old teammates, coaches, coworkers, and friends. It's hard to believe it had been over a year since I had last been! Surprisingly, it felt like I hadn't left at all! I had the opportunity to go watch the Aces take on Bradley at the new Ford Center. When I was in school the Ford Center was only a vision of the future. To see it in the flesh was amazing, it was absolutely astonishing. I had planned on documenting my trip but of course that didn't happen. The sun was shining the whole time I was there and the temps were in the 40's. I only took a couple of photos of a great little home furnishing shop in Newburgh, The Secret Garden. Here are a few of the things I loved.
Grey velvet ottoman with nail head trim, yes please!
We've got something similar going on at home!
On another note, I recently purchased a new pair of running shoes. For the longest time I only wore Mizuno, which has a lot to do with my volleyball past. Last year when I was training for the Illinois Half Marathon I needed a new pair of running shoes. Ever since then I have become a huge fan of Asics. If you pay attention to exercising/running fads you would know barefoot running has become extremely popular. An alternative  would be minimalist shoes such as Vibram FiveFingers. I always thought they were absolutely ridiculous and dangerous. A few friends of mine have them and swear by them, I was never sold. Over the holidays the same friend suggested I try out the New Balance Minimus. They were simplistic but didn't have five fingers. Luckily they were on sale so I decided to try them. Let me just say, I LOVE them!! I have not run in them yet but I have worked out consistently in them since purchasing them, my workouts have a different feel. I am getting a better workout doing lunges and squats, I have more definition.  I go barefoot all the time around the house and did not have a problem adjusting to the change in support. Added bonus they are really cute and make my feet look small! Mine are the men's version but if I hadn't told you, you wouldn't have know the difference.
GROSS, don't mind all the dust!
Once I start training again for my relay marathon I'll let you know how I like them. I have a feeling I will alternate between these and my normal running sneakers. Ashley has a great post on the subject here. Have you ever tried running barefoot or tried minimalist shoes?
 Getting away is always great, but sometimes the greeting when you return is the best! There's nothing wrong getting mauled by sloppy puppy kisses! Bath time with the Jackster today, he didn't really mind. Clearly he loves all the attention!


  1. So excited about your new shoe purchase :) I actually bought that same pair as a Christmas present and the recipient is in love wih them too!

  2. Lauren, they are wonderful!! Do you have a pair yourself? Or are yours a bit more padded? How is your P90X challenge going so fair?