Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Starting Fresh

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Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend spent with family and friends. It feels as though summer will linger just a bit longer. Back home in Illinois the temps have jumped up into the high 90's, I'm happy to report we have been blessed with middle 80's and it is absolutely perfect. I've been trying to get into a routine as of late, either taking the dogs for long hikes or riding my bike around town I am trying to be as active as possible. I've also immersed myself in practicing yoga as it has really helped strengthen my back and get me into the swing of things. One of the hardest realizations for me has been where my fitness level was to where it is now. Some tasks that used to be easy are now more challenging, thankfully I am making large strides. Slowly but surely I am toning up and getting blood pumping throughout my body. Another huge positive is now that I am back to working out I sleep so much better. Ever since I traveled west I wasn't sleeping well. That might have to do with two to a bed plus a dog or two. I was restless, couldn't get comfortable. That continued on once my mom had departed and I wasn't sure why. As I started becoming active again I could fall right asleep and slept through the entire night.

While I was recovering I wasn't eating like I normally would and was indulging in more ice cream than I would like to admit. Traveling west didn't help my diet either especially when you aren't cooking your own meals. Once I arrived in Boise my diet became a bit healthier but during the time my mom was staying in town I wanted her to experience the different restaurants. We indulged in good food and wine, bread from the farmer's market, local ice cream, homemade muffins and desserts. As my mom would like to say, "she is on vacation" and would like to enjoy her surroundings. I am quite happy that we did, its just my waist line that wishes otherwise. 
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The past week my roommates and I decided it was time for us to support one another in creating a healthier lifestyle. We decided we would eat more salads and pack our meals with more vegetables. I also have to admit I am spoiled. We have a vitamix in the house. I have always had a blender crush and finally I have one at my disposal. It has been wonderful waking up in the morning throwing a bunch of veggies and fruits into it and boom, delicious green smoothie. I am trying to limit my dairy, processed grains/sugars and I must admit I feel so much healthier and have more energy. I still haven't been able to lose the coffee BUT I do not drink it everyday and limit myself to two cups. Which has also resulted in better sleeping patterns.

What are you doing to keep healthy?

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