Friday, September 6, 2013

Mo Molly

As you know a few weeks back when I was in Kentucky I adopted a dog from an unwanted home named Molly. She immediately came home to Illinois with me where she was greeted with lots of love from Jack James and my mom. My dad on the other hand was very upset that I had thought this was a good time to bring home a dog considering I would be moving 2000 miles away in a week. He also did not like the idea I was bringing her home into his house, but more importantly, "Jack James' Home". His first reaction was a little over kill, stating I needed to leave for Idaho once the weekend was over, once the intial shock wore off he was much more open to the situation.

Due to other circumstances I wasn't able to leave for another month. During that time he was definitely frustrated with me and my decision since the timing was off and both dogs were rambunctious. The day before I was set to leave I took Jack out for a run and when I returned my dad said he needed to talk with me. 

At first I had no idea what he wanted to talk to me about but it seemed somewhat serious. Instead he wanted to inform me that Molly was staying in Illinois with him, my mom and Jack. The little stinker had weasled her way into his heart. While my mom was gone Molly went on a little vacation of her own staying with my good friends, Brandon and Jenny until my mom returned.

Over those two weeks I missed my smiley bundle of fur. Next Thursday she makes her way west with my roommate's parents and 3 other pooches. This little girl has won the hearts of so many and enjoys whatever moment she is in. I can't wait to have her back in my arms. 

She'll have two other fur mates in Boise, Brewster, a golden retriever, and Yaz, a black lab who works as a service dog. 

Check out this awesome post my friend Kelly put together documenting the Chronicles of Molly. She was the one who originally found/saved Molly!

Update:: Scroll over Chronicles of Molly and click to get to Kelly's Link


Just a couple cute faces. 

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