Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tour de Midwest:: Stage 3

Once I had returned home from my whirlwind of a trip down to the hot and muggy land of Kentucky, I was greeted with a few hours of normalcy before my next adventure. Craving some endorphins, I headed to the gym to get in a quick workout before Molly and I traveled to Effingham for a girls weekend on the pond. What was supposed to be a refreshing workout at the gym soon turned into a thrown out back. As soon as I felt that small pull sensation in my lower back I knew what I would be in for. Lots of advil, some heat, rest, and the awkwardness of being a bent over hunchback. I knew I could handle it (as this had happened before a few months prior) so I packed my bags, threw Molly into the car and off we went to meet the other girls.

Saturday morning we had a grand surprise. The summer before when we visited, Jenny's father was more than pleased to show off his baby, a canary yellow Daytona. We begged and pleaded for him to fire up the engine and take us on a ride somewhere. Papa was happy to showcase his baby, but taking her out on the road was a different story. The car is in pristine condition after being restored to its original state. It's a rare occurrence for this beauty to be taken out to stretch her legs and when she is it's a sight to be seen!

Knowing the three of us had always wanted a ride, he let us accompany him on a ride around town on his way to a photo shoot for a friend. Thanks Papa Dan for allowing us the pleasure of experiencing such a beautiful and historical vehicle! Pictures are scarce from the weekend since I really wasn't in the mood for pictures but I was able to get a few of our Daytona adventures

We finished the rest of the weekend in the sun at the pond. Unfortunately my back became worse than I had expected and I had to be driven home while I laid in the backseat, praying for a quick arrival home.  The last couple of weeks were extremely brutal as I couldn't really do much. Simple tasks such as sitting and walking were excruciating, I spent most of my time napping and watching tv while my back recouped. Thankfully the worst is over and slowly life is getting back to normal. I still have a bit of lean and haven't been able to get back exercising yet, besides stretching and my strength training for my back. I've never had such a debilitating injury before and let me tell you it isn't fun having to depend on others. We take for granted our health and being active. I can't wait for when I am strong enough to begin riding my bike regularly and being able to run! Thanks to Molly, Jenny, and her parents for being  hostess' with the mostest, taking great care of me and making sure I was doing alright!

Big thanks to my momma for putting up with me these last couple of weeks and making sure I was comfortable.









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