Sunday, May 5, 2013

In My White T

On the 3rd day of the challenge we were asked to lay down things that made us uncomfortable. Everyone has those quirky things about them that make each of us individuals. The two things that came to mind were crew neck T-shirt and roller coasters. Let me explain:


I have a weird phobia of crew neck T-shirts touching my neck, especially when I am sleeping or laying down. It makes me feel so uncomfortable and gives me the heeby-geebies. Usually you will not see me wearing a crew neck, I LOVE v-necks. Mostly because of this reason and also because they are more flattering. White T v-necks, yes please. There have been times when I only have a regular T-shirt to sleep in and I literally have to put the neck of the shirt on my chin so it does not touch my neck. Weird but true.

The most uncomfortable moment for me, which I avoid at all costs, is riding roller coasters. Seriously, worst and most uncomfortable experience. I do not see how people pay money to go ride these things.  The largest roller I have been on is the train roller coaster at Disney World, its for little kiddies. Absolutely frightening for me. Never will I step foot on one again. When I was in college my volleyball took a trip to Busch Gardens. Thankfully I had a couple of teammates who were not a fan of roller coasters, we toured the park, took a safari ride through the zoo, went white water rafting. At the end of the day we decided to try out the lazy river which had a huge drop at the end that shot out ridiculous amount of water everywhere. We naively decided we would try this with our teammates. The lazy river part of the trip was boring until we got to the end of this really high drop. Down we went and my heart jumped from my chest. Once was enough and I proudly planted myself on the bridge to get mauled by the wall of water as my teammates went down over and over again.

What is something that makes you uncomfortable?

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