Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little Road Tripping

Took a little road trip today with my momma, we headed south to Charleston for some antiquing. As soon as we were about 10 minutes away I realized I forgot to bring my camera, so sorry for the poor quality these are off of my camera phone. Recently I haven't had any luck in antique shops, but I was surprised how well we did!! Here are some photos from the different shops we hit and wants.

All of these photos were from Copper Eagle Antique Mall. They had a lot of really interesting pieces. I was drooling over the Bakelite silverware. I'm always a sucker for trying on vintage hats,it amazes me how women used to wear them on a daily basis. It's a fun fashion statement I would love to come back, it's so classic. Coco Chanel would be proud!

We went into a vintage clothing store and they had the motherload of unique purses. I love the brass detailing on this one, I've never seen one like it! There's just something about old books I am drawn too! If only I had a place for this chandelier!The next place we went was styled so beautifully, it was more of an antique boutique. The store owner had an eye for beautiful things!! I might have to go back for the industrial storage cabinet! It's so neat how the front looks similar to a safe. She did a great job with the front of her store as well!

Whew. Sorry for such a long post. Tomorrow I will be back with what we bought and what I wore. What are you currently collecting? And where are you heading for antiquing excursions?

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