Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This girl's got food on her mind

Seriously, sometimes I amaze myself. All week all I have been able to think about is eating fresh and healthy, which during this time of year is so difficult to do. I've been doing my best but I have this problematic sweet tooth. Here's a look at some the yummy but oh so healthy cominda from the week.

Recently my favorite breakfast food has been scrambled eggs with a little ketchup and black pepper. So flavorful. My little secret, Spice Select's Chef Style Black Pepper from where you might ask? Rural King. Yes, I said Rural King. It's not available online but check your local Rural King. This pepper isn't dull and has just the right kick.

Feast your eyes on last night's yummy salad, and tonight's dinner of salmon, asparagus, sweet potato, and pomegranate/ pineapple salad. Delicious!

Super excited for this find today at Target, Timex Weekender. I have a weak spot for watches among many other things!

Stay tuned I have some serious baking to do this weekend!

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