Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Blondes:: A Love Affair

The first time I laid eyes on Molly with my camera, the camera ate her up and she highly enjoyed having her photo taken. Those big brown smiling eyes just begged to be photographed. Things have changed drastically. She will not sit still long enough for me to get a proper photo of her. As soon as I have her seated ready for her moment she gets up to follow me the couple steps back. I've got many photos of her smiley tail wagging bum. The brown eyed photos are hard to catch. So far our recent shots have been when she is sleeping on my bed. Which I must admit is the cutest thing ever!

When Molly first showed up in Boise we had an interesting situation at the house. You see Brewster already had a girlfriend. Her name was Yaz. They would play occasionally if Yaz was in the mood. The day Molly came into the picture everything changed. Molly and Brewster must be soul mates. They are best friends and they are lovers. Yaz is now considered the third wheel, but they love her just the same. I have named Molly and Brewster "The Blondes". The Blondes go everywhere together. Its unusual for them not to be side by side. Hours upon hours a day they play with one another. Molly has that Energizer Bunny attitude about her. She is referred to as the shameless hussy from Kentucky in this household. She'll take whatever she can get. I must admit I have never seen a dog like her before. She would hump Brewster all day long if she could. But she doesn't hump any thing else besides dogs. She was spayed over a month ago. Does anyone know a cure for my cute street walker? 

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