Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend/ Drawer Transformation

These haven't left my feet much this weekend. Too bad I can't wear them to work.

 This little guy is in recovery for the next week after being neutered on Tuesday. He's doing great but biting at the bit to get going at full speed. It's been a challenge not being able to take him on walks, he is being monitored all the time so its been interesting being his chaperon. I'm scared to say what will happen when he releases all this energy he has bottled up this past week. I have a feeling he will be running around the yard full speed ahead for most of the day!
Saw this lamp at an antique mall and its uniqueness intrigued me. Vintage ruby red anyone?

Vintage sewing bag turned handbag.

I have a quick little re-purpose tutorial for transforming a dresser drawer into a jewelry draw. For those of you who know me, I have an obsession with vintage jewelry. I have a quite a few pieces and was having a hard time wearing it because I kept forgetting what I had. So when I repainted an old server last summer, I was lucky it had 2 small drawers on the top I could transform into drawers for my jewelry. This is really simple and the result is great! All you need is a:
good pair of scissors
a piece of foam that fits the inside of your drawer
your choice of fabric about 6 inches bigger on each side than your drawer
(I used purple velvet)
a pack of sewing pins

Once you have cut your foam to fit snugly in your drawer, take the velvet (nice side up) and wrap it around the foam. Tuck the edges underneath the foam and smooth the fabric. Voila! Here is a shot of one of my finished drawers, I used the sewing pins to keep my bracelets and earrings in place.

This dresser used to be an ugly green before I painted it. I really like how a bold pop of color turned out. The firecracker red really complements the blue sky in my room. As you can see I have two boxes on this server. I wanted there to be a change in textures and style. Have you done any DIY's lately?

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