Monday, January 23, 2012

Tutorial: Half Moon Nails

Lately when I have time to paint my nails I just do something quick. I even bought some of that Sally Hanson 60 second dry nail polish. I was surprised how  good the finished product looked. Well today I felt inspired to try a new trend, half moon nails. At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to share, they didn't exactly turn out as I was hoping so maybe with practice they will only get better. Plus its a really easy process, just a little more drying time.

I chose OPI's Cuckoo for this Color (left) for my top coat and Sephora OPI Keep Me on My Mistletoes (right) for my base color. For some reason this type of shimmery color drys really fast. This is super simple:
1. File and buff nails.
2. Paint entire nail with base color (the color you want to see the least of) and let dry.

3. Get some of those hole reinforcements from Walmart or the drugstore and cut them in half as shown.
4. Take the halfed sticker and place the rounded edge facing toward the tip of nail, near the cuticle. Shown below.
5.  Once you have applied the stickers paint the topcoat onto nail.
6. Let dry for a few minutes, peal off sticker gently!!!!!
7. Apply clear top coat and one of my favorite tricks is to use the Beauty Secret's Nail Matrix. Swipe the brush along the cuticle, its an oily liquid. This will help polish dry quicker and last longer because it hydrates your cuticles.
8. Once they dry your all done! Hope you like them!

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