Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pocahontas didn't know what she was missing

One thing I couldn't love more is a good deal. For the longest time I had been admiring this bag, I liked how it was simple yet classic. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for a price tag of $398. Yesterday I was at TJ Max, one of my favorite stores and low and behold what do they have in their purse section, this bag. I couldn't have been more excited, more than $200 off the original price. A great deal! I carried it around the store for 20 minutes or so, rubbing the lush leather, imaging my things in it but for some reason it didn't feel right. We didn't have a connection. Sounds strange but all you purse lovers out there understand what I am talking about. Sadly I put the Michael Kors bag back on the shelf and walked away.
 Later in the day I went to a consignment/ antique mall, just browsing around, not looking for anything in particular when I came upon vintage Coach purse I had admired for a long time. I used to be a Coach fan but then EVERYONE seemed to have them, so I moved onto something else. But this bag is timeless so I couldn't help not loving it! At these antique malls you honestly never know how things will be priced. Well in this case I couldn't believe my eyes! $5!!!! The bag wasn't in perfect condition, it showed many years of use but I like the distressed look and couldn't pass it up for $5!

  In my travels yesterday I also found some other great bargains. Target was having 70% sales on most of their winter items. One of my favorite winter staples are moccasin slippers. These might not have been my first choice but they are warm and comfy!! Black hat was also 70% off, I couldn't pass it up for $6. This just shows you don't have to drop a large amount to update your wardrobe.
My new obsession: this Starbucks travel cup. It is so convenient and helps me drink more water!! Here's a look at what I've been reading. I borrowed this book The Paleo Solution from a friend who has lived this lifestyle for a year. I find it's method really interesting, we'll see if it impacts my eating habits. I'm going to have a hard time cutting everyday favorites from my diet.
The weather has been cold and dreary around here, oranges seemed like the perfect remedy. Bright, colorful, and their sweet citrus reminds me of summer. Looks like we might be getting hit with a nasty mix of precipitation today, good thing for warm slippers! We plan on being quiet around here Jack just came home from being neutered at the vet. These next few weeks should be interesting keeping him quiet, no walks or jumping.

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